Blooming Charm: The born of sensation

Blooming Charm Arriving spring brings newemotions, feelings, essences,tastes. Blooming Charm shows the eveningof four free spirits borning and finding a world full of sensations.A small story of romance inPark Cervantes. Blooming Fashion Film A tale of sensations   Blooming CharmCredits:Gabriel Saavedra Photographer;Gabriel Saavedra Art Director;Alex Forcaida Stylist;Yasmin Shahbaz Stylist;

Black & Wild Photoshoot

Black & Wildmaking fashion photography with street art This photographic fashion projectgets its inspiration on a personalStreet art piece. The inmortal Zebra. Black & Wild shows a transition in howart can go through metamorphosis andbring out true and new potential as alsofresh mediums for fashion comunication. Photographic work published in PolisArt Magazine The after photoshootproject …

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