Black & Wild
making fashion photography with street art

This photographic fashion project
gets its inspiration on a personal
Street art piece. The inmortal Zebra.

Black & Wild shows a transition in how
art can go through metamorphosis and
bring out true and new potential as also
fresh mediums for fashion comunication.

Photographic work published in PolisArt Magazine

The after photoshoot

Paper and glue and hundreds of stickers.

After been published in Portugal
in PolisArt Magazine the photographic material was transformed into collage pieces and paste all over Barcelona streets, giving this result and an amazing video.


Black & Wild was published for PolisArt in 2021

Gabriel Saavedra Direction;
Marc Guerrro Assistant;
Celini Jonker Model;
Maria Madorell Model;
Clara Garcia Stylist;
Julia Portvila Make Up