Unchained Madonna

Unchained Madonna Unchained Madonnais an essay of pureness, inocense and fashion. The project was made LCI School and was directed my Natalia espuelas and Sara Haidar.   Model Alicia Zarroca Photographer and Art Director Gabriel Saavedra   Waredrove Stylist Natalia espuelas Sara Haidar Arooj Hanif Ayman pervaiz

Blooming Charm: The born of sensation

Blooming Charm Arriving spring brings newemotions, feelings, essences,tastes. Blooming Charm shows the eveningof four free spirits borning and finding a world full of sensations.A small story of romance inPark Cervantes. Blooming Fashion Film A tale of sensations   Blooming CharmCredits:Gabriel Saavedra Photographer;Gabriel Saavedra Art Director;Alex Forcaida Stylist;Yasmin Shahbaz Stylist;

Black & Wild Photoshoot

Black & Wildmaking fashion photography with street art This photographic fashion projectgets its inspiration on a personalStreet art piece. The inmortal Zebra. Black & Wild shows a transition in howart can go through metamorphosis andbring out true and new potential as alsofresh mediums for fashion comunication. Photographic work published in PolisArt Magazine The after photoshootproject …

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